Vicidial: different carriers for different campaigns

VicidialIn Vicidial you can have many different campaigns and different carriers for them. Another case is when you want  to use one particular carrier for a campaign or few campaigns. Here is how you can configure your Vicidial to use different carriers for different campaigns.

To do that you need to use different prefixes for campaigns and configure dialplan to use that prefix in carrier’s settings.

In campaign’s settings find prefix field and set it. For example we want to use prefix “5”:

Next, in the carrier’s settings you want to use for this campaign set dialplan as follows:

Or in text:

If you have many carrier-campaign pairings you will need to use 2-digit prefixes. In that case don’t forget to modify “${EXTEN:1}” to “${EXTEN:2}” so the prefix will be correctly removed.

Good luck!

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