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Terraform set timezone upon virtual machine creation

Sometimes it’s important to set proper timezone on the server and recently I’ve got this task: set proper timezone automatically based on the server’s location in Azure Cloud. Moreover, I needed timezone to be set automatically by Terraform upon virtual machine creation.  In my case I had Ubuntu VMs in Azure and here is the …

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Publish Code Coverage of .NET app in SonarQube from Azure DevOps

This article enhances the one where I explained the steps of generation and publication code coverage in Azure DevOps pipeline. This time we go further and implement “shift-left” strategy by introducing SonarQube in Azure DevOps CI/CD process. Our task here will be not only configure code analysis in SonarQube but also get code coverage metrics …

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How to resolve merge conflicts in Azure DevOps

There is a simple and effective extension that allows resolving Pull Requests merge conflicts directly in Azure DevOps: Pull Request Merge Conflict Extension

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Auto-renew Letsencrypt certificates in Azure Automation Account with managed identity


Recently my Job for renewing Letsencrypt certificates in KeyVault has stopped working. Upon closer look I found that my Run As account certificate expired: I navigated to certificate’s properties to renew it as described in Microsoft documentation and thouhgt I have 1 minute work to fix that but no! There is no option to renew …

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Implementing Security Headers in Azure Application Gateway

If your Azure App Service is behind Azure Application Gateway you will need to implement Strict Transport Security and Secure Headers in your Azure Application Gateway instead of App Service’s web.config or .htaccess Azure Application Gateway has an ability to add, remove or modify inbound and outbound headers. This can be done in “Rewrites” section …

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Implementing Security Headers in Azure App Service


If you want to follow best security practices and implement Strict Transport Security and Secure Headers in your Azure App Service you will need to add Security Headers in web.config or .htaccess files in your web application’s root folder. Before you start remember that App Services run on a PaaS. This means that not everything …

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LetsEncrypt certificates automatic renewal in Azure Application Gateway

I can bet almost any IT technician have heard of Letsencrypt certificates. They are completely free and fully supported by big corps such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others, to have a more secure and privacy-respecting Web. A lot of public websites are using those certificates. Of course, as for any free stuff, there …

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Failed to add /run/systemd/ask-password to directory watch: No space left on device

Upon installing Azure log collecting agent on Ubuntu machine I encountered the following error: Failed to add /run/systemd/ask-password to directory watch: No space left on device df command showed a lot of space so it’s not about a space itself but about inodes.

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