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Vicidial access forbidden to the recordings folder


I got this upon trying to download call recording in Vicidial on the lead’s page. I have Vicibox 11 installed in virtual machine on Cloudmin with Vicidial VERSION: 2.14-899a BUILD: 231109-2027

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Asterisk vicidial WebRTC phone cannot connect

On the newly installed Vicidial box I got problem connecting WebRTC phone to Asterisk. I followed the setup guide here In the Asterisk console I saw: Problem setting up ssl connection: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1), Internal SSL error  ERROR[2203]: tcptls.c:179 handle_tcptls_connection: Unable to set up ssl connection with peer ‘’ [Jan 17 11:46:42] ERROR[2203]: iostream.c:552 ast_iostream_close: SSL_shutdown() failed: …

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ViciBox 11 installation in Cloudmin

ViciBox is worldwide popular callcenter solution. If you want to run ViciBox in virtual machine under Cloudmin you will need to perform a few additional steps to make running because there is no ready-to-go ViciBox image for Cloudmin available.

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Vicidial: How to update phones Server IP in bulk

To simultaneously update Server IP for all phones in ViCiDial, please log in to your MySQL (or PhpMyAdmin, if available) and run the following SQL statements:

where instead of “” specify your Vicidial Server IP. Check also How to update passwords in bulk in ViciDial

Vicibox 10 missing Certbot files

ViciBox 10 released September 1st, 2021 and you are welcome to try it out, though I encountered troubles generating Letsencrypt certificate as there was no Certbot installed and Certbot configuration files were missing: there was no Certbot files in Vicibox 10. It looks like OpenSuse has broken package at the moment. Install Certbot in OpenSuse …

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Vicidial: different carriers for different campaigns

In Vicidial you can have many different campaigns and different carriers for them. Another case is when you want  to use one particular carrier for a campaign or few campaigns. Here is how you can configure your Vicidial to use different carriers for different campaigns.

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How to update passwords in bulk in ViciDial

To simultaneously update all of the username and phone passwords in ViCiDial, please log in to your MySQL (or PhpMyAdmin, if available) and run the following SQL statements:

Check also Vicidial: How to update phones Server IP in bulk

Vicidial Wrong Statistics in realtime report


The symptom is that Vicidial shows incorrect data in Realtime Reports: minutes and seconds are zeros and there are no other colors except for “Agent waiting for call”. To fix this check the following:

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How to Setup WebRTC on ViciDial and enable ViciPhone


This is the complete guide on configuring WebRTC on ViciBox 8 and 9. Upon completing this guide you will have WebRTC and ViciPhone enabled on ViciDial. The WebRTC configuration on ViciDial will consists of four main steps: 1 – setup SSL for the webserver (Apache) 2 – setup TLS in Asterisk built-in webserver 3 – …

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Vicidial backup and restore guide


Suppose you need to migrate or duplicate Vicidial data (campaigns, leads, phones and so on) from one Vicibox server to another. In case two Vicidial boxes of the same versions the process will be simpler. In case the source server has older Vicibox version than the destination one you will have to perform additional steps …

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