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Asterisk vicidial WebRTC phone cannot connect

On the newly installed Vicidial box I got problem connecting WebRTC phone to Asterisk. I followed the setup guide here In the Asterisk console I saw: Problem setting up ssl connection: error:00000001:lib(0):func(0):reason(1), Internal SSL error  ERROR[2203]: tcptls.c:179 handle_tcptls_connection: Unable to set up ssl connection with peer ‘’ [Jan 17 11:46:42] ERROR[2203]: iostream.c:552 ast_iostream_close: SSL_shutdown() failed: …

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Using GotoIfTime with Timezones in Asterisk

Starting from Asterisk 1.6 GotoIfTime application supports Timezone parameter: [Syntax] GotoIfTime(times,weekdays,mdays,months[,timezone]?[labeliftrue][:labeliffalse]) I setup a system that receives calls from people in different timezones so I need to use Timezone parameter in GotoIfTime Asterisk application. Surprisingly I could not find examples on Asterisk’s website so I had to search for some. There can be two possible …

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Couldn’t add sdp streams for stream


You try to establsish a call but it got disconnected and there is following message in Asterisk console from PJSIP Couldn’t add sdp streams for stream:

Two most common cases can cause this:

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How to limit the number of simultaneous calls in Asterisk PJSIP

In order to limit the number of simultaneous calls in Asterisk PJSIP, use the GROUP and GROUP_COUNT functions. Below is an example of Asterisk dialplan, where the quantity of simultaneous calls is limited to 1.

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Vicidial: different carriers for different campaigns

In Vicidial you can have many different campaigns and different carriers for them. Another case is when you want  to use one particular carrier for a campaign or few campaigns. Here is how you can configure your Vicidial to use different carriers for different campaigns.

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How to Setup WebRTC on ViciDial and enable ViciPhone


This is the complete guide on configuring WebRTC on ViciBox 8 and 9. Upon completing this guide you will have WebRTC and ViciPhone enabled on ViciDial. The WebRTC configuration on ViciDial will consists of four main steps: 1 – setup SSL for the webserver (Apache) 2 – setup TLS in Asterisk built-in webserver 3 – …

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Configure IAX clients in Asterisk

This article will cover the process of IAX clients configuration in Asterisk. There are three authentication methods that are supported: MD5, plaintext and RSA. The least secure is “plaintext”, which sends passwords cleartext across the net. “md5” uses a challenge/response md5 sum arrangement, but still requires both ends have plain text access to the secret. …

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Asterisk IAX error No Authority Found

This error is usually caused by a username/secret/type mismatch. This error also occurs when the context requested in the incoming call is different from one in the section of incoming peer. Multiple contexts in the peer section can be defined.

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Understanding Asterisk IAX authentication

This article explains the process that Asterisk uses to authenticate incoming and outgoing IAX2 connections. Reference to “type=user” in the text below should be assumed to include “type=friend” as well, since a friend can act as a user. The same assumption holds for “type=peer” references below.

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FreePBX: update or change Asterisk version


The FreePBX Distro has some built in features to allow you to change the Major Asterisk version you are using without reinstalling/recompiling it manually. For example the 6.12.65 release track supports Asterisk 1.8, 11, 12 and 13, FreePBX 14 supports Asterisk 13,15,16 and 17. To change Asterisk version in FreePBX in Linux command prompt type:

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