Asterisk packages installation on CentOS 7

Asterisk PBX

Officially now Asterisk packages repository is gone. Asterisk installation manual gone as well.

If you use Asterisk on CentOS or RHEL, you want to be using RPM packages, not messing around with building source tarballs on each of the machines you maintain. I use Asterisk on CentOS, both on CentOS 6 and more recently on CentOS 7 working with quite a few systems that it’s important to keep consistent. Luckily there is a Tucny repo with Asterisk packages for CentOS 7

Download the repo file from to /etc/yum.repos.d/:

Import the signing key using

Edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/tucny-asterisk.repo and set 'enabled=1' for 'asterisk-common' and the version of asterisk you want to use.

Install Asterisk and additional packages:

Also, DAHDI and LibPRI if needed:

Start Asterisk:


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