HAProxy mixed content warning when using HTTPS

I use HAProxy to do SSL offloading for a WordPress site. Frontend is on 80 and 443 with redirect HAProxy redirect HTTP to HTTPS using
redirect scheme https code 301 if !{ ssl_fc }
Redirection is working well when the page is accessed on port 80.
However the pages loads incomplete and looking in the console of Firefox/Chrome it can be seen that “mixed mode content” is blocked by the browser. Some stylesheets, scripts an images are still accessed over http instead of https.
301 is permanent redirection, so why is this happening? The browser should not even try http because it should be aware of the permanent redirection. And besides that, even when http is used accidentally, it should still be redirect to https instead.

To fix the mixed content warning with WordPress and HaProxy in backend’s settings add:

This will tell HAProxy to use https for http requests.

Good luck!

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