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Fail2ban: already banned

I have Fail2Ban running on my Centos Server. In my /var/log/messages I noticed something really weird: I configured Fail2Ban to add the banned IP to iptables so they cannot reach my server anymore

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Fail2ban: Found no accessible config files for ‘filter.d/sshd-ddos’


Upon enabling ssh-ddos jail in Fail2ban jail.local you may have the following errors: Jail ‘sshd-ddos’ skipped, because of wrong configuration: Unable to read the filter ‘sshd-ddos’ and Found no accessible config files for ‘filter.d/sshd-ddos’ The reason is that

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Fail2ban installation and configuration on CentOS

In this article I’ll describe how to protect Asterisk from hacking attempts with Fail2ban in CentOS Linux. Fail2Ban is a standard Linux tool used to scan log files and then block IP’s found in those log files using iptables. Fail2ban depends completely on the application (in this case Asterisk) to detect any intrusion/failure and log …

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