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Configuring Gmail as a Sendmail email relay

In this article I will show how to configure gmail to be an email relay for your linux server with sendmail MTA. This allow you to send letters from your bash scripts, hosted website or from command line using mail command. Other examples where you can utilize this setting is for a notification purposes such or failed backups etc. …

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Configure Postfix to use Gmail as a Mail Relay

Postfix is a free, open-source, actively maintained, and highly secure mail transfer agent. You can configure your system with Postfix to use Gmail as a mail relay. In order to do this follow the instruction below. Use sudo when needed or execute the commands below under “root” account.

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Configuring SENDMAIL for use GMAIL as Relay

To have emails from your linux servers accepted by destination email server you need to send it via trusted smarthost (relay). Google mail relay servers are what we need here. Let’s configure our sendmail for sending mail via gmail relay… Preparation and installation Sendmail installation:

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