Vicidial backup and restore guide

VicidialSuppose you need to migrate or duplicate Vicidial data (campaigns, leads, phones and so on) from one Vicibox server to another. In case two Vicidial boxes of the same versions the process will be simpler. In case the source server has older Vicibox version than the destination one you will have to perform additional steps to get the destination server working. Both cases are covered in the article below.

Backup/restore Vicidial data between the same version of Vicibox

Basically, to get the Vicidial backup you will need to run /usr/share/astguiclient/ script that has the following options:

As you see it is capable to create partial backup, but in my example I run it like this to get a full backup of Vicidial:

If the server has address this will create archive that contains a set of archives with database dump and configuration files in their respective paths.

Now transfer it to the destination server ( via SCP or any other suitable method. For example:

Now on the destination server navigate to / folder and extract the Vicidial backup archive:

Inside the main archive there will be separate archives for different parts of Vicidial system:

In tar archives config files are packed in their respective paths so in order restore Vicidial configuration files just unpack the .tar archives:

Now extract and restore Vicidial database dump:

At this point you have configuration files and database from the old server applied on the new one. We must change IP addresses in all configuration files and in database before we can use the new server.

To change IP address in all Vicidial configuration files and database run:

This script is interactive and will guide you through the process.
Make sure there are no errors in the script’s output.
Now reboot your server and check functionality!

Backup/restore Vicidial data from Vicibox 8 to Vicibox 9

In this case the process will include additional steps.

1. Upgrade database schema. Vicibox 9 has new and altered tables and functions so you will have to add them to the restored database before you can use system

2. Run /usr/share/astguiclient/ again

3. Try to log in as agent. If you have the error There is a time synchronization problem with your system, please tell your system administrator – fix it as described here.

4. If you have the error Delays on agent login No one is on your session 8600051 check that in Admin -> Servers you have correct Asterisk Version set:

For Vicibox 8 it will be 11.21.2.-vici  but for Vicibox 9 it should be at least 13.29.2-vici



Correct version of the Asterisk you can obtain by:

Set the correct version in Vicidial’s settings make sure the error is gone.

That’s it!

Now you should have fully functional Vicidial!

Good luck!

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