A fatal error occured during initialisation. JIRA has been locked

atlassian-logoAt some moment Jira app stopped responding. When I stopped and started it Jira failed to start with:

JIRA Startup Failed You cannot access JIRA at present. Look at the table below to identify the reasons Description Unable to clean the cache directory: /opt/jira/plugins/.osgi-plugins/felix

In catalina.out log there were following lines:


There are two known causes for this issue:

  1. The inconsistency of OSGI plugin caches triggered from inappropriate shutdown of Tomcat.
  2. The Tomcat user does not have the correct permissions to access the directory.


So I tried to start JIRA in safe mode to confirm that trouble was caused by one of plugins:

For Windows:

This time JIRA started.
Thus it seems like the trouble caused by the fact that JIRA is unable to clean the the cache directory: /data/jira/plugins/.osgi-plugins/felix
Stop JIRA with stop-jira.sh if its running in safe mode or service jira stop and

delete these folders to clean cache of osgi-plugins and bundled-plugins:

Now start JIRA with service jira start

JIRA successfully started.

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