Asterisk installation on CentOS with YUM

Asterisk PBX

Officially now Asterisk packages repository is gone (but packages are still on place). Asterisk installation manual gone as well. This post is some handy memo on Asterisk install from packages using YUM.

First, we need to install epel repository (in CentOS it’s available in CentOS Extras repo):

If installation fails, probably, CentOS Extras repo is disabled. Enable it or install manually.

CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x

CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x

CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x

Now let’s install Asterisk repository corresponding to your desired version (all packages can be found here):

Now install dnsmasq package and then asterisknow:

Install Asterisk and additional packages:

Also, DAHDI and LibPRI if needed:

Start Asterisk:


Want me to do this for you? Drop me a line: itgalaxyzzz {at} gmail [dot] com