Connect GoIP8 GSM gateway to Asterisk

GoIP 8

Here are the steps how to connect GSM Gateway GoIP8 to Asterisk. Required features: the possibility to outgoing calls and receive incoming. For outgoing calls to have a choice of an arbitrary line.

1.  GoiP 8 configuring

It is assumed that you have a new device out of the box, so the steps – as for factory settings.

Insert SIM card in slots, turn on the power. GoIP8 has 2 ports “LAN” and “PC”.

The  «PC» port has a static address by default and can be used to connect switches which can be connected to users’ PC (gateway supports DHCP server).


The «LAN» port can be used if your network is already running a DHCP server. In this case, the gateway will receive one of the addresses in your network. In order to know the IP-address your gateway has received, you can either:

  • send to one of SIM-cards (with a positive balance) SMS or text info INFO. You’ll receive SMS with IP-address
  • ask netwwork administrator
  • enter the gateway IP address into the browser. The default username / password for authentication in the Gateway is admin / admin. You will be sent to “Status” page:



Next, go to:
Configurations -> Preferences and remove the  “IVR checkmark (more about what  each option does can be found in the instructions to the device, the link will be given at the end of the article).


On Configurations -> Call Settings page:

EndPoint type = SIP Phone
Config Mode = Config By Line

Next we should define configuration options for each line (X-is the line number):

Phone Number = 11X
GateWay Prefix = *X
Sip Proxy = Asterisk_IP
Sip Registrar Server = Asterisk_IP
Authentication ID = 11X
Password = 11X


Next step is  Configurations -> Call Divert page:

CID Forward Mode = Use CID as SIP Caller ID
Далее для каждой линии прописываем настройки ( X-номер линии ):
Forward to PSTN = Enabled
Dial Plan(VoIP to PSTN) = *X:-*X
Forward to VoIP = Enabled
Forward Number(PSTN To VoIP) =11X

GoIP8 call divert page

Goip8 configuration to work with Asterisk can be considered complete :). Proceed to step

2. Configure Asterisk to work with GOIP


Prescribes each channel individual user (X – channel number)



And Asterisk’s dialplan settings


exten => _11X0XXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:0:3}/*${EXTEN:2:1}${EXTEN:3})
exten => _11X0XXXXXXXXX,n,Hangup()
exten => _11Z,1,Answer()
exten => _11Z,n,Playback(tt-weasels)
exten => _11Z,n,Hangup()

Dialing format:
11X0632223344 (where X is a channel number)

Done! Now you should check how calls go.

P.S. You can find GoIP8 manual here:

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