Disable driver signature enforcement in Windows


Windows 8 and Windows 10 require device drivers have a digital signature. Otherwise the system will not install a driver. Signature allows to determine driver developers and also shows whether the driver is changed after the release of third parties. Drivers are signed with certificates for signing files.

For devices that come with unsigned drivers you will have to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows in order to install them.

How to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10

  1. Reboot PC holding Shift button

Restart-Windows-10-safe-mode-itgala.xyz2. PC will reboot and you will be able to choose “Repair PC”


3. Choose “Advanced Options” next.


4. …and “Startup Settings”:


Now we need to reboot it again, so we will be able to change digital signature options:

Windows-10-restart-to-disable-driver-signing-enforcementYou will see the list of settings that can be changed. Press F7 to disable driver signature enforcement. Well done!


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