FOP2 and HTTPS cannot connect

FOP2-one-moment-pleaseI recently converted my FreePBX from a HTTP to HTTPS instance. On the same instance, I have Flash Operator Panel2 running on there. Prior to the change, FOP2 login screen or the /fop2 user console would popup rather quickly. After HTTPS was added, I’ve noticed that the login screen doesn’t popup for a little bit. I see the timer counting up to about 8 before any login box pops up. So FOP2 with HTTPS does not work and you can see “Connecting to server, attempt number ” messageIn order to fix that add the proper ssl configuration in /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg, it should match whatever certs you have configured in your web server configuration:

for FreePBX:

There may be also a firewall issue. Check this article

Good luck!

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