Flash Operator Panel 2 Connecting to server error

FOP2-one-moment-pleaseThe case when FOP2 with HTTPS does not work and you can see “Connecting to server, attempt number ” message was described here

Another case when this error can happen is when you try to log in as an operator and access /fop2 path

Flash Operator Panel relies on websocket connection to port 4445 so it must be opened on the server where FOP2 service is installed.

Open port 4445 for FOP2 in FreePBX

Go to Connectivity -> Firewall, then open Extra Services tab:

Click Create New Services button and specify the rule:

Save and make sure you activated it for Internet:

If there is no FreePBX installed you can do this with firewalld command

Now you should be connected successfully.

Good luck!

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