Tag: Bash

Special Bash characters and parameters and their meaning

Here I accumulated the most useful and frequently used special Bash characters and parameters. This list of special bash parameters is by no means complete and only contains some of the bash script parameters which I have encountered, so please contribute any bash parameter which is not in this list and you found useful.

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Asterisk Phone Inventory / Useragent List

I need to find out whether all Cisco phones in organization use the latest firmware. As SPA series phones show firmware version in “Useragent” string it would be great to display all useragents in Asterisk. In order to get this string from all Asterisk peers we need to go through each peer and display the …

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Install Bash-Shell in favour of Ash-Shell on Padavan’s firmware

,The thing I needed is an amazing Dropbox-Uploader script from Andrea Fabrizi be installed on my Asus RT-N14U router with Padavan’s firmware. Dropbox-Uploader needs Bash shell to run so i had to install it. I assume Entware is already enabled in your router in Advanced Settings –> USB Apllication –> Allow Run Optware? as on …

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