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Linux shell modes and Capistrano

This is possibly one of the most complicated support questions that can be asked, the only real answer is it depends. It’s really a question of which kind of shell Capistrano is using, it’s a matrix of possibilities concerning login, non-login, interactive, or non-interactive. By default Capistrano always assigns a non-login, non-interactive shell.

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Install Bash-Shell in favour of Ash-Shell on Padavan’s firmware

,The thing I needed is an amazing Dropbox-Uploader script from Andrea Fabrizi be installed on my Asus RT-N14U router with Padavan’s firmware. Dropbox-Uploader needs Bash shell to run so i had to install it. I assume Entware is already enabled in your router in Advanced Settings –> USB Apllication –> Allow Run Optware? as on …

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