Skype for business 2015: Limit fabric tracing logs growth

Skype for Business server fabric traces are enabled by default. You can find the fabric traces in following location: C:\ProgramData\Windows Fabric\Log\Traces. Sometimes Windows Fabric logs can be very abundant and in conjunction with not a big size of disk partition can fill up your system drive space. Following article may help you to reduce the fabric traces logs to one day.

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Install Skype for Business 2019 Prerequisites



Skype for Business Server 2019 is available now, along with a new set of demands to install it right on your Windows Server.

Microsoft recommends Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016 only as host operating systems

Skype for Business 2019 supports .NET Framework 4.8 !

Here are the list of prerequisites that should be installed before you begin your Skype for Business 2019 installation: Continue reading

How to recursively set permissions for ACL in FreeBSD

freebsdThis is not too difficult however as not as straightforward as it can be done in Linux.

setfacl command in Linux has -R directive to set permissions recursively in the same way as with chmod command.

In FreeBSD setfacl does not have -R directive. Use the following examples to recursively set ACL permissions in FreeBSD: Continue reading

Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server

If you get a popup saying Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server. Please try again later when trying to connect to the APC Symmetra or one of the APC PDUs, simply go back to the web URL, and append /logoff.htm to the end. This will log the console out so that you can log in.

Outlook Teams Add-in Replaces Skype Meeting Add-In

Outlook Teams Only

The problem is: once Teams is installed, the Teams Outlook add-in takes precedence over the Skype for Business add-in – the SFB add-in actually gets disabled.
If you enable the add-in from within Outlook > Options > Add-ins > COM Add-ins, it will revert back to “unloaded” when you next log on. Maybe this Microsoft’s way of forcing everyone to Teams…

To fix this, you need to hack the registry to force Outlook to show both Teams and SFB. Continue reading

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice Scenarios


How to increase the max upload size in WordPress


By default, maximum upload size in WordPress ranges from 2MB to 150MB depending on the settings of your web hosting provider is giving by default.

To check what is the current max upload size limit in your WordPress site then navigate to WP Admin → Media → Add New. You will see the current max upload size on the bottom as shown in the screenshot.

If the current max upload size limit meets your demand then you can leave it as it is. However, if it doesn’t then don’t fret, there are many ways you can increase the max upload size in WordPress. Continue reading

Skype for Business and Teams Comparison Table


Get Scheduled Skype for Business Meetings from SQL

The following SQL query will get scheduled conferences from the Skype for Business RTC database. From a Skype for Business Standard Edition server its in the RTCLOCAL instance, otherwise you’ll find it in the backend SQL server. To run the query you will need to open SQL Server Management Console, connect to the database, then open a new Query. Copy the following code snippet and run. Continue reading

How to get Polycom Lync Edition phone logs

Polycom-connecting-Lync-serverFor troubleshooting purposes you might need to get logs from Polycom Lync edition phone like

Polycom CX models: 300, 600, 3000
Polycom VVX phone models: 310, 410, 500, 600
Here is how to retrieve logs from Polycom phones: Continue reading

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