GitHub Desktop Commit failed – exit code 1 received

The error in GitHub Desktop “Commit failed – exit code 1 received” can occur due to a few reasons.
Check first if you have added files to your index.
Open the command line and check your git status.

Second, check if you have nested .git directories.
Try searching your repository to see if you have multiple .git directories Continue reading

How To Restore AWS EC2 instance from a snapshot

Amazon-Web-Services-logoI have been working with Hyper-V checkpoints for a while and have been really impressed with the speed at which I can revert my instances when something goes wrong with an update or install.

So I expected similar approach in AWS EC2 and found  that restoring from a snapshot AWS EC2 is definitely not as easy as just right-clicking in Hyper-V.

From the documentation provided by AWS the following restoring from a snapshot AWS EC2 manual were loomed

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Cannot impersonate user for data source ‘CDRDB’. (rsErrorImpersonatingUser)

skype-for-businessWhen deploying the Skype for Business Archiving and Monitoring role, it asks for a user account and password. Many clients don’t have a service account for this (or simply don;t understand they need a service account for this) and just put in the username and password of the Administrator or the person doing the install. Then, months later, they change the password on that account and can’t figure out why the Monitoring Server reports throws the error: Continue reading

How to save username and password in Git

In this article I’ll show how you can avoid entering your Git username and password for every push.

I’ll show three methods: Git SSH authorization, Git credentials caching, and Git credentials saving using credential.helper. Continue reading

How to remove ads from Xiaomi phones with MIUI

Xiaomi-MIUI-AdsMuch like Google and Amazon, Xiaomi doesn’t consider itself a hardware manufacturer, but an internet company which happens to make hardware. The company has promised to forever cap hardware profit margins at 5%. All this means is (similar to the other tech giants) Xiaomi needs to make money in other ways. One of them is by offering add-ons, extra services, and gaining revenue through ads.
Of course ads can be really annoying and that’s how to disable ads in Xiaomi MIUI: Continue reading

How to store /var on a separate partition

UbuntuWhat is the correct way to store /var on a separate partition?

First prepare a new partition (e.g. with parted or fdisk and mkfs).

For example, let’s create a new partition in fdisk:

then choose n for the new partition and go through configuration steps.
choose w at the end to write changes to a disk. Continue reading

Migrating SQL Server Database Mail Profiles and Settings

In case you need to migrate a numerous Database Mail Profiles to another MSSQL server doing this manually is exhausting and error-prone. The script, originally written by Iain Elder and enhanced by Frank Gill generates dynamic SQL statements to recreate database mail accounts and profiles on another SQL server. All you need to do is run this script in a new query window, copy the dynamic SQL statement in a new window and execute it. The script is listed below. Continue reading

StatsMan error 1 no aggregation data found in the statsman data cache

Statsman error 1 no aggregation data found in stasman data cache
After running StatsMan for some time, one day I saw the error “error 1 – no aggregation data found in the statsman data cache“.

First of all I checked the state of “Redis” and “Skype for Business StatsMan Listener” services and they were “Running”. Continue reading

Nginx reverse proxy to .onion site in TOR network

As Tor is not a http proxy but a Socks one you cannot insert .onion name or IP in proxy_pass directive. In order to use Nginx as reverse proxy to .onion sites you will need a socat.

Socat is a command line based utility that establishes two bidirectional data streams and transfers between them. This data can take many forms such as files, pipes, devices (terminal or modems), or sockets (UNIX, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, SSL etc). The streams can be constructed from a large and diverse selection of data sinks, sources and address options, which allows Socat to be highly flexible in its usage. It is for this reason that it and similar tools are often referred to as multipurpose relays. Continue reading

How To Debug Nginx Reverse Proxy Issues

Nginx server is loved by many people for its proxy capabilities and ease of configuration. A simple proxy_pass can allow you to connect to any of the backends such as GoLang, php-fpm, NodeJS, another Nginx, Tomcat, Apache, Gunicorn, uwsgi, Flask, Django, an external CDN and many more.

When proxying a request to another server, you may or may not have access to a log of the server. So it is important to be able to debug the problem if an issue occurs. Common problems that you may face when proxying request are below

  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • 403 Access Denied
  • 400 Bad Request request header or cookie too large
  • Wrong Redirect
  • upstream sent too big header while reading response header from upstream
  • Primary script unknown while reading response header from upstream
  • upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream

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