ORA-09925: Unable To Create Audit Trail File

Upon trying to start Oracle database service I got the following ORA-09925 error in $DB_HOME/startup.log file

The same ORA-09925 error when I tried to log on to SQL*Plus. Continue reading

Configure IAX clients in Asterisk

Asterisk PBX

This article will cover the process of IAX clients configuration in Asterisk.

There are three authentication methods that are supported: MD5, plaintext and RSA. The least secure is “plaintext”, which sends passwords cleartext across the net. “md5” uses a challenge/response md5 sum arrangement, but still requires both ends have plain text access to the secret. “rsa” allows unidirectional secret knowledge through public/private keys. If “rsa” authentication is used, “inkeys” is a list of acceptable public keys on the local system that can be used to authenticate the remote peer, separated by the “:” character. “outkey” is a single, private key to use to authenticate to the other side.

Public keys are named /var/lib/asterisk/keys/<name>.pub while private keys are named /var/lib/asterisk/keys/<name>.key. Private keys should always be 3DES encrypted. Continue reading

Asterisk IAX error No Authority Found

Asterisk PBXThis error is usually caused by a username/secret/type mismatch.

This error also occurs when the context requested in the incoming call is different from one in the section of incoming peer. Multiple contexts in the peer section can be defined. Continue reading

Understanding Asterisk IAX authentication

Asterisk PBX

This article explains the process that Asterisk uses to authenticate incoming and outgoing IAX2 connections. Reference to “type=user” in the text below should be assumed to include “type=friend” as well, since a friend can act as a user. The same assumption holds for “type=peer” references below. Continue reading

FreePBX: update or change Asterisk version

freepbxThe FreePBX Distro has some built in features to allow you to change the Major Asterisk version you are using without reinstalling/recompiling it manually.

For example the 6.12.65 release track supports Asterisk 1.8, 11, 12 and 13, FreePBX 14 supports Asterisk 13,15,16 and 17.

To change Asterisk version in FreePBX in Linux command prompt type: Continue reading

Migrate Skype for Business users to Teams

Skype-to-TeamsOnce you successfully completed hybrid connectivity between your Skype for Business on-premises and Office 365 you should be ready to migrate your users to Skype for Business Online or Microsoft Teams.

In this article it will be showed how to migrate users to Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business Online. Continue reading

Configure hybrid connectivity between Skype for Business and Office 365

skype-for-businessTo make a long story short I wrote this is quick guide on configuring hybrid connectivity between Skype for Business Server and Office 365.
It is based on this TechNet article:

It is assumed that your Skype for Business deployment is fully functional. Continue reading

Understanding SQL Server Simple and Forced Parameterization

I have heard about parameterization for SQL Server queries, but what is Forced and Simple Parameterization and which one should I use for my SQL Server database?

There are two different parameterization options that one can use in SQL Server. Simple parameterization and Forced parameterization. Let’s discuss each one in a little more detail. Continue reading

How to use a SQL Server Plan Guide to Tune Queries

My company uses a vendor purchased application to process orders. Lately, one of the vendor’s application queries has been running very slowly and is starting to cause problems. My testing has determined that the SQL statement can benefit from a query hint. Is there a way I can apply this query hint though I don’t have access to the vendor’s application code? Continue reading

How to fix ORA-28001: the password has expired ORA-28002 The Password Will Expire in 7 Days Errors

ORA-28002-The-Password-Will-Expire-in-7-DaysA new day started from ORA-28002 The Password Will Expire in 7 Days message from an Oracle DB.

Let’s dig a bit how can we avoid this situation and manage our Oracle DB passwords. Continue reading

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