Vicibox 10 missing Certbot files


ViciBox 10 released September 1st, 2021 and you are welcome to try it out, though I encountered troubles generating Letsencrypt certificate as there was no Certbot installed and Certbot configuration files were missing: there was no Certbot files in Vicibox 10.

It looks like OpenSuse has broken package at the moment.

Install Certbot in OpenSuse again:

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Implementing Security Headers in Azure Application Gateway

App-gateway-remove-port-from-headerIf your Azure App Service is behind Azure Application Gateway you will need to implement Strict Transport Security and Secure Headers in your Azure Application Gateway instead of App Service’s web.config or .htaccess

Azure Application Gateway has an ability to add, remove or modify inbound and outbound headers. This can be done in “Rewrites” section of your Application Gateway’s blade. Continue reading

Implementing Security Headers in Azure App Service

Azure-App-ServiceIf you want to follow best security practices and implement Strict Transport Security and Secure Headers in your Azure App Service you will need to add Security Headers in web.config or .htaccess files in your web application’s root folder.

Before you start remember that App Services run on a PaaS. This means that not everything can be touched or changed. We will be addressing the Azure App Service on Windows, thus, server by IIS webserver. Continue reading

Skype for Business MS-Diagnostic Errors

skype-for-businessHere are the description of MS-Diagnostic Errors you may see in Skype for Business logs when troubleshooting.

The following table details what string is displayed in the SIP protocol client, depending upon what ms-diagnostic error is received for a given mode.

Note that the following placeholder is used in these messages:

§ [user name] is used in place of an actual user name.

§ [client name] is used in place of the name of the SIP protocol client Continue reading

Letsencrypt error Invalid response from

Under some circumstances you may encounter an error while getting a certificate from Letsencrypt with Type: unauthorized and Detail: Invalid response from

Most often it happens when website’s root is different from webserver’s root. Good example are Laravel based applications where website’s root is often in /public subfolder. In such case ACME challenges will be redirected to /public resulting in the error:

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No input file specified error

When going on some link you can get “No input file specified” error in your browser.

To resolve this error, check that in the file .htaccess there was no line:

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RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining

When I tried to clone a decently-huge git repository I got the error below. The most common issue is that the connection closes and the whole clone is cancelled.

After a lot of trial and errors and a lot of “remote end hung up unexpectedly” I have a way that works for me. Continue reading

How to copy directory with SCP

The Unix command scp (which stands for “secure copy protocol”) is a simple tool for uploading or downloading files (or directories) to/from a remote machine. The transfer is done on top of SSH, which is how it maintains its familiar options (like for specifying identities and credentials) and ensures a secure connection. It’s really helpful to be able to move around files between any machine that supports SSH.

When trying to copy directory like you usually copy a file with scp you may encounter the following scp error:
folder_name: not a regular file Continue reading

How to set custom background in MS Teams

Custom-background-microsoft-teams-before-callMS Teams desktop client has around ten predefined background images and you can upload your own and choose it for your next call.

You can set custom background in Teams client as follows: Continue reading

Reporting Services error 503: Error creating HTTP endpoint – Access is Denied

We had a case come in where they were seeing a blank page when they went to Report Manager for Reporting Services.  You may also see an HTTP 503 error.  This just means that the service had a problem and there was probably an exception that occurred under the hoods.

In this case, the issue was with SQL 2008 R2.  When looking at the Reporting Services Logs, we can see the following exception when the service starts. Continue reading

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