SSH authentication refused bad ownership or modes for file

SSH keys authentication scheme

So you created SSH keypair, installed public key on the server you want to connect to but, probably, made this not as described in this article: How To Set Up SSH Keys and now the server refuses your key and in /var/log/secure we can see message like this:

Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for file /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys


Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/user/.ssh
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FOP2 and HTTPS cannot connect

FOP2-one-moment-pleaseI recently converted my FreePBX from a HTTP to HTTPS instance. On the same instance, I have FOP2 running on there. Prior to the change, FOP2 login screen or the /fop2 user console would popup rather quickly. After HTTPS was added, I’ve noticed that the login screen doesn’t popup for a little bit. I see the timer counting up to about 8 before any login box pops up. So FOP2 with HTTPS does not work and you can see “Connecting to server, attempt number ” message Continue reading

Linux shell modes and Capistrano

This is possibly one of the most complicated support questions that can be asked, the only real answer is it depends.

It’s really a question of which kind of shell Capistrano is using, it’s a matrix of possibilities concerning loginnon-logininteractive, or non-interactive.

By default Capistrano always assigns a non-loginnon-interactive shell. Continue reading

Uptime Percentage Chart

Uptime percentage chart shows how much downtime is allowed per year, month, week and day to correspond to a certain SLA level. Availability is usually expressed as a percentage of uptime in a given year. Continue reading

How to limit the number of simultaneous calls in Asterisk PJSIP

In order to limit the number of simultaneous calls in Asterisk PJSIP, use the GROUP and GROUP_COUNT functions. Below is an example of Asterisk dialplan, where the quantity of simultaneous calls is limited to 1. Continue reading

Vicidial: different carriers for different campaigns

VicidialIn Vicidial you can have many different campaigns and different carriers for them. Another case is when you want  to use one particular carrier for a campaign or few campaigns. Here is how you can configure your Vicidial to use different carriers for different campaigns. Continue reading

Allow Access To Port in SELinux and Firewall

SELinux can be a pain at times if you don’t have a clear understanding how it works. A good chunk of resolutions around the web end up suggesting turning off SELinux completely. This, to say the least, is one of the worst things you can do to your server.

Allowing access to ports through SELinux is one of the things that came across while setting up Elasticsearch cluster on Cent OS servers and I wanted to share a quick run down of steps/commands required to allow a port through the firewall. In this example, we’ll be allowing access to port 8090. Continue reading

How to update passwords in bulk in ViciDial

To simultaneously update all of the username and phone passwords in ViCiDial, please log in to your MySQL (or PhpMyAdmin, if available) and run the following SQL statements:


Special Bash characters and parameters and their meaning

Here I accumulated the most useful and frequently used special Bash characters and parameters. This list of special bash parameters is by no means complete and only contains some of the bash script parameters which I have encountered, so please contribute any bash parameter which is not in this list and you found useful. Continue reading

Webmin uses default certificate instead LetsEncrypt

webmin-logoThe Letsencrypt certificate was successfully configured for Webmin in Webmin Configuration -> SSL settings -> Letsencrypt.

However Webmin still uses default certificate like it does not see Letsencrypt certificate at all.

Steps taken to cause problem: Continue reading

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