Implementing Cache control headers in Nginx and Apache


Cache-Control are HTTP cache headers that holds instructions for caching for requests and responses. It is used to defines how a resource is cached, where it’s cached and its maximum age before expiring. When you visit a website, your browser will save images and website data in a store called the cache. When you revisit the same website again, cache-control sets the rules that determine whether your resources loaded from your local cache or if the browser should send a request to the server for fresh resources.

For better understanding of how the browser renders pages quickly using the cache, you need to know about browser caching and HTTP headers. Continue reading

.htaccess: Option FollowSymLinks not allowed here

Apache HTTP ServerI moved from mod_php to fcgi style hosting and got the following in Apache error log when I tried to open one of my websites:

[Tue Nov 08 08:34:08.357359 2022] [core:alert] [pid 19149] [client] /home/ Option All not allowed here

[Tue Nov 08 08:35:58.058962 2022] [core:alert] [pid 14190] [client] /home/ Option FollowSymlinks not allowed here

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Git Error cloning remote repo code 128 early eof

In case you cannot clone your repository even in shallow mode it means that more memory is needed for git to fetch the files. The git output is similar to:

Again we see the same

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: early EOF
fatal: index-pack failed Continue reading

mysqldump directly to another server, mysqldump redirect to scp

mysql-logo-imageIt’s not a big deal to perform mysqldump command, get your database as a file and transfer MySQL database to another server by moving the file to another server and import it,

But what if there is no enough space on a disk to store the dump file? In this case it would be great to create MySQL dump file directly on the remote server. And not only you can create dump file directly but even clone a database to remote MySQL! Here I show how to do this.

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key type ssh-rsa not in pubkey accepted algorithms

I was running Ubuntu 20.04 happily, and then over the weekend decided to back everything up and install 22.04. I installed my previous keys but I couldn’t login via MobaXTerm remotely as I usually did with 20.04.

I logged in with a console and checked /var/log/auth.log . Here are the messages generated upon my tries to log in:

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Jenkins: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed

Again the same git error: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fatal: early EOF fatal: index-pack failed.

This time – during the execution of Jenkins pipeline:

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Using GotoIfTime with Timezones in Asterisk

Asterisk PBXStarting from Asterisk 1.6 GotoIfTime application supports Timezone parameter:


I setup a system that receives calls from people in different timezones so I need to use Timezone parameter in GotoIfTime Asterisk application. Surprisingly I could not find examples on Asterisk’s website so I had to search for some.

There can be two possible formats: you can specify timezone as a shift relative to the time the Asterisk operates in, or you can specify as a path to respective timezone file. Here are the examples: Continue reading

Auto-renew Letsencrypt certificates in Azure Automation Account with managed identity

Recently my Job for renewing Letsencrypt certificates in KeyVault has stopped working. Upon closer look I found that my Run As account certificate expired:


I navigated to certificate’s properties to renew it as described in Microsoft documentation and thouhgt I have 1 minute work to fix that but no! There is no option to renew it anymore!

Renew-Run-as-certificate-no-option Continue reading

CentOS7 dockerError while creating filesystem xfs on device docker exit status 1

When you try to start docker it exits with exit status 1.

In /var/log/messages you can find the following: Continue reading

OnlyOffice Docker pull argument exception: repository=onlyoffice/documentserver, tag=

Upon installing OnlyOffice with Docker by the provided script it ends up with the following error:

Docker pull argument exception: repository=onlyoffice/documentserver, tag=

It’s not clear what causes this error but the reason is obvious: Continue reading

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