How to convert an OVA virtual machine to VHD

virtualbox-convert-ova-to-vhd-vmdk-vdiI’ve got an OVA virtual machine image of VirtualBox. As I use Hyper-V I need to convert ova to VHD before I’ll be able to import OVA virtual machine to Hyper-V.

In order to do this you will need VirtualBox’s VBoxManage.exe utility. You can get it without actually installing VirtualBox on your system by using portable version from website.

After extraction you will find VBoxManage.exe in Portable-VirtualBox\app64 folder.

Convert OVA to VHD in two steps: Continue reading

How to traverse FTP directories with CURL

When doing FTP commands to traverse the remote file system, there are a few different ways cURL can proceed to reach the target file, the file the user wants to transfer.


cURL can do one change directory (CWD) command for every individual directory down the file tree hierarchy. If the full path is one/two/three/file.txt, that method means doing three CWD commands before asking for the file.txt file to get transferred. This method thus creates quite a large number of commands if the path is many levels deep. This method is mandated by an early spec (RFC 1738) and is how curl acts by default: Continue reading

How to upload a file to remote FTPS with cURL and PHP

You may need to upload a file to remote FTP or FTPS in a number of cases. In this article I’m going to show you how to upload file with cURL from Linux shell and using cURL in PHP. Continue reading

Ubuntu disk full error: apt-get unable to install or remove

UbuntuI encountered the following error while upgrading my Ubuntu 12.04 server. Now apt-get is unable to install or removed any package.

Though I have a lot of free space. Continue reading

Display too bright / Saturated colors on Skype for Business, Windows Media Player or PowerPoint

Skype-for-Business-Powerpoint-Windows-Media-Player-oversaturated-videoThere is an issue when user experiences over saturated video in Skype for Business, Windows Media Player or Powerpoint.

In Skype for Business when user is in a meeting and someone shares a screen, it shows on their laptop however the colors are over-saturated making it difficult to read.
When this happens, it is only the S4B screen that is over-saturated.
All other windows are showing proper colors before S4B and during S4B session. Only the screen sharing window is over-saturated.
If a user shares their own screen, the colors are OK and people see them OK on their own laptop. Continue reading

How to Bypass FRP Lock Xiaomi MIUI9, Redmi 5 Plus, 5A Prime, 4A, 4X

MIUI-frp-mi-unlock-bypass-google-verificationIn MIUI 9 security was improved and you cannot unlock locked device easily. But there is a method to bypass FRP Unlock in MIUI 9, reach a home screen and access system settings in order to unlock device on next steps. Using this method you will be able to bypass Google account FRP lock and prepare device for MI Account Unlock. This is so called “Talkback Method”. Continue reading

How to fix slow LAN transfer speed of files in Windows

windows-7-disable-lso-fix-slow-transfer-speedRecently I’ve had a need to copy a large amount of files from one PC to another on LAN. For better speed and reliability I chose wired Ethernet connection but the transfer speed was very slow at 500-600 kbps! Both machines had Windows 7 x64 installed. Using Task Manager under Networking tab, Network Utilization was showing only around 0.25% for Local Area Connection. I found a few solutions that should have tackled the problem but only this one helpled me:

Continue reading

Asterisk Phone Inventory / Useragent List

Asterisk PBXI need to find out whether all Cisco phones in organization use the latest firmware. As SPA series phones show firmware version in “Useragent” string it would be great to display all useragents in Asterisk. In order to get this string from all Asterisk peers we need to go through each peer and display the property we are interested in. Here is the Bash script: Continue reading

How to Install and Configure GitLab on CentOS 7

gitlabGitlab is an open source, powerful, robust, scalable, secure, as well as efficient software development and collaboration platform for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle.

It allows you to plan your development process; code, and verify; package software, and release it with an in-built continuous delivery feature; automate configurations management, and monitor software performance.
It has features such as an issue tracker, moving of issues between projects, time tracking, very powerful branching tools, file locking, merge requests, custom notifications, project roadmaps, burndown charts for project and group milestones, and so much more.

Gitlab is one of the best alternatives to Github, that is now owned by Microsoft, for hosting your open source projects.
Here is what you need to do in order to install Gitlab on CentOS: Continue reading

ASP.NET Error Validation of viewstate MAC failed

Validation-of-viewstate-MAC-failedIn some environments the following error may occur for ASP.NET:
Validation of viewstate MAC failed.
If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm.
AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

There are a few reasons of this error and you can solve it by adding MachineKey to the Web.config file of your application. To do this follow the steps: Continue reading

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