Configuring SENDMAIL for use GMAIL as Relay


To have emails from your linux servers accepted by destination email server you need to send it via trusted smarthost (relay). Google mail relay servers are what we need here. Let’s configure our sendmail for sending mail via gmail relay…

Preparation and installation

Sendmail installation:

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Use a Mobile Phone as a GSM Gateway in Asterisk (Asterisk + chan_mobile)

Asterisk + chan_mobileMy task is to use mobile phone as GSM Gateway to my Asterisk with a help of chan_mobile so in case I’m unavailable on mobile people can leave a message in my voicemail box. SMS text messages arrive as emails, my replies to which are sent by SMS.
So I used my old Sony Ericsson k530i phone in pair with Asterisk by connecting it to ID 1131:1001 Integrated System Solution Corp. KY-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter USB dongle.

Asterisk support for bluetooth connections to mobile phones and headsets is accomplished through chan_mobile. Not all phones are supported, so it’s worth taking a look at’s page which lists the confirmed compatible dongles and phones. I am getting good results with a KY-BT100 dongle and Sony Ericsson k530i phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.

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Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook: Cannot start Outlook window

“Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open the Outlook Window.” This issue seems to be caused by either an add-on or a navigation pane within the Outlook program being moved in to a position that is illegal within the Outlook program.

  • On the desktop of the computer that receives the error message, close all open windows
  • On your keyboard, hold the Windows key and tap the letter R.

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