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SfB Server 2015: Event 57005 Could not find stored procedure ‘XdsQueryCriticalDocumentSignatures’


After applying cumulative update on Skype for Business I noticed the following errors in Event Log: Log Name: Lync Server Source: LS User Store Sync Agent Date: 04/23/2018 11:33:23 Event ID: 57005 Task Category: (1061) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: sfbfe01.contoso.com Description: Error encountered pushing data to RtcXds Blob Store Be sociable 🙂 …

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Set owner failed for Database ‘rtcxds’

Installation of Skype for Business database update failed with error “Set owner failed for Database ‘rtcxds’.” Command used to update Skype for Business database:

The update script needs SQL user “sa” to be on place so make sure it was not renamed or deleted. In my case it was renamed so I renamed it …

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How to get Skype for Business components version


You can get all Skype for Business components versions grouped in a table with the following Powershell cmdlet. Open Skype for Business Management Shell as Administrator on a Front End Server and execute the following cmdlet: Be sociable 🙂 Share!

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Reset your Skype for Business Conferencing ID and PIN


There are three pieces of information used for establishing a dial-in Skype for Business conference: Conference Dial-in Numbers – used by the conference attendees. Conference ID – used by the conference attendees; each conference organizer has their own ID. Skype for Business Conferencing PIN – used by the conference organizer. Since Skype for Business Phone …

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Skype for Business offline messaging

Beginning with build 16.0.6701.1000 Click-to-run of Skype for Business 2016 client, you can now send IM messages to contacts that are offline. Offline IM is a client side feature built into Skype for Business client (2016 C2R build 16.0.6701.1000 or higher) that leverages Exchange Web Services (EWS) to send messages from the Skype for Business …

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Understanding the types of Federation in Skype for Business


Federation in Lync/Skype for Business has been around for more than a decade. First introduced in Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005, it’s now an essential feature in Skype for Business Server 2015. It allows users to use their Skype client to call or send IM or participating in a conference with people from another …

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No connectivity with the Skype for Business Web App


We seem to see to encounter a specific connectivity error a lot across a variety of Skype for Business environments.  In some instances, users will complain about slow connectivity or no connectivity.  The primary symptom is the following event log entry (repeated every 20 minutes or so) with Event ID 41029: No connectivity with the …

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Forcing Skype for Business client to download address book

To force Skype for Business to update the address book, execute the following cmdlet in Skype for Business Management Shell:

Wait for the LS Address Book Server event to report Event ID 21056 listing the Synchronization Pass Summary: Be sociable 🙂 Share!

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ERROR 1603: Server.msp had errors installing


I got an error when tried to install Skype for Business Server 2015 KB3207506 using Skype for Business 2015 Update Installer. Checking the log file mentioned in the error window above gave me the following:

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Key Audio Quality Metrics Used in the Skype for Business Monitoring Reports

Here are the 7 audio quality metrics I think the most effective for analyzing Skype for Business audio quality and what numbers represent an audio quality issue. Be sociable 🙂 Share!

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